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The Cryo-Esthetic

The Cryoesthetics is a technique to prevent skin ageing. Based on 3 fundamental steps, it combines a cold massage and the application of treatments highly concentrated in anti-aging plant ingredients:

  • The cold – The Cryosball an exclusivity CRYOS

In CRYOS products, Dr. Bontemps uses the cold which activates surface microcirculation and leads to tissue tightening. The cold creates a phenomenon of superconductivity. The use of the facial cryosball allows a cold massage at minus -18°C.

  • The VEGETAL STEM CELLS to activate the skin’s vital functions.

Our CRYOS anti-aging cream is formulated with stem cells from the plant “Rose des Alpes” to protect the skin barrier and prevent wrinkles.

  • CRYOSTICK – formulated with a biomimetic film-forming active ingredient from plants, it nourishes the skin in depth, firms and lifts.

Stored in the freezer, CRYOSTICK is a unique and powerful anti-aging serum that gives the dermis a second skin effect. It has a tensing, firming, moisturizing and regenerating effect, it improves skin elasticity and gives radiance to the skin.

At Cryolab, we want to offer all skin types a natural alternative to conventional cosmetics: pure, powerful, sensory and long-lasting.

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Un site web réalisé par DM France | Dr Bontemps © Tous droits réservés.